"On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath" - wrote George Bernard Shaw.

According to the legend, the Kornati Islands were formed from a handful of white stones that remained after God had created the world. He threw them into the sea and decided that no alterations were necessary.

The Kornati archipelago is really so fascinating and unique in its beauty and attractiveness that there is no other in Europe, and even the world, to compare it with.
With so many reefs, capes, islands, islets, coves and bays, it truly is a promised land for lovers of nautical beauties.

The Kornati Islands are an untouched oasis for those who wish to enjoy bathing in the crystal clear sea, rest in the untouched nature, and enjoy the quiet hours, relaxing and restoring energy before returning to the world.

The Kornati archipelago encompasses 147 islands, islets and reefs making up the total surface area of 69 sq km. They spread from Dugi Otok (The Long Island) to Žirje covering the total surface area of 320 sq km. The National Park encompasses 89 islands and covers the area of 220 sq km.

The Kornati archipelago was named after its largest island, the Kornati Island. The northern coast is more indented and softer than the southern, where there are mostly cliffs steeping down towards the sea. There are no water streams on the islands, and they are covered with scarce bushes and grass.


  • Holiday in Vodice, Croatia - National Park Kornati - Photo 1
  • Holiday in Vodice, Croatia - National Park Kornati - Photo 2